My epic Corolla Seca... the story continues

I've blogged about my car before and people weren't hugely interested but I'll persist anyway. Please know dear reader that I heard you inwardly groan as you read the title of this post. Still with me? Well read on I'll be brief. As reported back here my car looked a little like this...

The insurance company wrote the car off and gave me $4000 dollars and the wreck back... that was in September last year. Much time and effort later Jonny and I finally got it back on the road.

You can see all the rest of the photos of the build over on facebook here. The job isn't completed quite yet. Next week it'll visit the body works then after that the air conditioning will be re gassed. Don't worry I'll keep you posted.



Luke said... 2/06/2009 5:07 pm  

That's very nice of Jonny to help you fix it up.

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