Twelve dollar icecream... a short story

"I feel like an icecream" said Christine.
"So you want me to get some?" I said, "I reckon it would be melted by the time I get back."
"We could go together..." said Christine.

So we went for a wander down to the Salad Bowl on Australia Day to buy ice cream. Upon arrival we were confronted by a plethora of deep frozen choice. Straight away my eye was drawn to a very small (500ml) tub of ice cream.

"It's twelve bucks!" I said "I've got to see what a twelve dollar ice cream tastes like!" So I bought the Maggie Beer Vanilla Bean Elderflower Ice Cream for twelve dollars.

What did it taste like? My twelve dollar ice cream tasted crap. Vanilla Bean Elderflower Ice Cream what was I thinking? Note to self, keep it simple stupid.



Donners said... 1/27/2009 10:34 pm  

Yeah, I probably would have gone for the burnt fig, honeycomb and caramel. But maybe that tasted like crap too...

We went though the maccas drive through and got sundaes... probably just as bad!

aus_chick said... 1/28/2009 7:27 am  

the passionfruit one sounds yummy, but yeah, $12 is a bit extreme!

The Borg said... 1/29/2009 7:49 pm  

I like Maggie Beer but why is she charging $12 for icecream?? Surely she's rich enough.

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