Energy in ministry

I've been thinking of some useful bits of information to pass onto to the next bunch of guys (and girls) that do an MTS apprenticeship (my job). One of them will be how to keep energised for ministry.

For me I love meeting up with young blokes. I find it gives me energy and helps keep me pumped. I think part of the reason that I struggled so much at the beginning of the year was because I wasn't doing much of this. I like listening to guys and their problems. I enjoy learning things from them. I like giving them advice. I like recommending a good book to read. I enjoy speaking in a plain and straight forward manner that you just can't do in a large group context. In humility and love I love sharing the mistakes I've made in the past in the hope they don't make the same stuff ups.

I enjoy seeing the energy renewed in their eyes. I love seeing hearts that want to serve Jesus and his people. I love hearing what they've been thinking about in the Bible. I love seeing them grow and change. And finally I enjoy praying for them as asking that God would continue to work to grow them to be more like Jesus and less like me.



Alan said... 9/30/2008 1:17 am  

You get young people pumped as well man..
Keep at it, it's a real blessing.. :-)
Oh and why was this post posted as an earlier date before?

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