Toilet Block Tuesdays... will you be my friend?

About eight months ago we started a new church meeting specifically aimed at University students. It began on a Monday night but them moved to a Tuesday night at the start of this year. It was edgy, cool, laid back in vibe, sermons not Bible study, engagement with culture, worldview and critics. It was lumber jackets and hoodies (no shirts), minimalistic and evangelistic. As the name evolved from Monday night Crossroads to Tuesday night Crossroads the peeps in the loop have begun to refer to it as Toilet Block Tuesdays.

Earlier this year Toilet Block Tuesdays resisted the urge to join childish stampede of self promotion on such trashy sites such as myspace (it wouldn't have fitted in wearing a lumber jacket and hoodie) rather it has instead waited for the dust and hype to settle before launching a persona on facebook.

Head on over and over and become a fan. If you're not from around here but like what you see or just reckon it's damn good idea jump on board. Oh and if you haven't visited Toilet Block Tuesdays pull on your hoodie and lumber jacket and come and join us some time. Toilet Block Tuesdays takes place on Tuesday nights at the South Hobart Community Center from 7:30pm.



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