Pick-a-mix Jesus

I was flicking through one of the magazines that Jane subscribes to called New Internationalist. I was drawn to their special feature “Was Jesus Christ a revolutionary?”.

But here’s a quote

Indeed, why he was crucified is something of a mystery. It was certainly not because he claimed to be the son of God. Jesus makes no such claim in the gospels except once in the Markian trial scene… and Mark had his own axe to grind.
It’s frustrating that magazines peddle this drivel. Jesus again and again claims in various ways (admittedly some more obvious than others) that he is God, from God and sent by the Father. (John 8 is a good example).

The whole article reads more like a pick-a-mix Jesus, where the writer cherry picks stories to suit his agenda. Parts about Jesus being God, miracles, people rising from the dead, are dismissed or left out (they must have been added in later on by those naughty disciples or that bad “St Paul”). I find this kind of mistake even more disappointing given that the writer is a Professor. I don't imagine this will be the last time I read this silly stuff.

Was Jesus a revolutionary, dunno but I do know he claimed to be God.



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