Know your University 101

If you're a student and want to engage meaningfully with non Christian friends, get know (and love) your Uni. What makes it tick? What do people read? What do people talk about? Listen to? Here's a selection of things I found lying around today.

Looks interesting

I'm wondering what exactly this looks like...

Crazy looking hand... and I'm not talking about mine

Local Music rag

...And again

*EDIT* I forgot to upload this one yesterday. Brought to you by 'Mercy Ministries' who have been in the News recently for all the wrong reasons.



The Borg said... 4/06/2008 10:25 am  

Ha ha, you're holding up the last item with "thumb and forefinger", like you don't want to touch it.

mike said... 4/06/2008 1:32 pm  

Yeah it's a bit too girly for me ;)...

But a "healing explosion"...???

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