I've never understood...

...box sets of DVDs till now.

Infact I've never even really watched boxed sets of DVDs until now. That brings me to a confession Christine and I have been watching Spooks. We've now watched the first and second series, the latter of which ended on a cliff hanger.

I think the first series was better than the second. It felt that the second series relied more on characters to drive it forward. I also found some of the episodes in the second series a little more far fetched. Aside from those minor gripes it's pretty good. Here's a picture of the three main dudes from series 1 & 2. Zoe on the left, Danny on the right and my favorite Tom in the middle.

Now I'm off to borrow series 3...



Lara said... 4/02/2008 3:40 pm  

I quite liked Spooks, until I saw a particularly gruesome episode that scarred me for life - was too scared to watch it again!

Bron said... 4/06/2008 10:05 am  

Yeah, Spooks is AWESOME (pretty full on sometimes though). Season 3 is definitely worth it. Again, it is more character driven though. But that was what I liked about season 2!

I had a bit of trouble getting into season 4 but that's partly cos we tried to watch it on tv and then video libraries up here all split up discs with box sets so it all just got annoying.

Glad to hear you guys like it.

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