Back in action

That's right I have a brand new MacBook Computer. It's the latest model with all the newest and latest software. If you care about specs it's a 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, with 2 GB RAM and a 250 GB HHD* but most importantly it flipping works.

So how did I manage that you ask? well as you may know I've had a few issues with the old one. Firstly the top case was replaced because of a faulty button then the DVD drive stopped working and was replaced. Most recently the whole logic board was replaced because the bluetooth and sleep function weren't working.

After this fix the computer pumped along fine till the 12th December when the bluetooth and sleep function failed AGAIN and the indicator on my power cord also stopped working. Not to be perturbed I spent the best part of 12 hours trying to get the thing working with help from Apple. They finally decided it was a hardware problem... and I got very angry.

I woke up the next day still really angry and decided complaining would be the best course of action and using my tried and true formula (without loosing my temper)... Bingo! "It sounds like we can provide you with a brand new computer."

Thankyou Apple and Applecare I am thankful but you have wasted a great deal of my time. Here's hoping we have more success this time around.**

* I paid a little extra to get it upgraded from stand configuration.
** Before you start bagging I've had the same amount of trouble with my Mac as I did with my PC



Alan said... 12/29/2007 3:39 pm  

Finally.. :P Well, I guess it is the silly season.
Nice upgrades too ;)
I was walking past the apple shop the other day, and saw a VERY amusing (well to me) sign on their door: "iPods and Accessories that were not purchased at NextByte can NOT be replaced or exchanged here" (or to that effect) I laughed very hard.

Well now we can be nerdy mac owners again :) Did you get Leopard?

Thanks for your Christmas SMS reply, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Also it would be really good to catch up with you some time soonish, either on the net or face to face, I forget exactly your time of going away, but I assume you are a very busy man!

God Bless brother,

Jason said... 12/29/2007 11:22 pm  

At least there's one Mac owner out there who's willing to say that things can go wrong with their systems.

Alex said... 1/01/2008 6:41 pm  

While I like the idea of you not 'loosing' your temper, like it was a tied down beast, I think you meant 'losing'. Please correct and return.

mike said... 1/01/2008 6:45 pm  

Works both ways for me...

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