Tassie the road trip...

Christine and I took some time off and went away for three nights. Our trip began with a trip up past Bothwell to Great Lake then over the pass to Poatina.

We then stopped overnight stop at Tunbridge. The Sonnemanns very kindly let us stay in one of their little cottages. It was very nice.

The next day after a good breakfast... (cooked by me)

We headed off to Cradle Mountain via Launceston. It was a very nice little drive with plenty of bends and de-restricted speed limits.

We stayed at Cradle Mountain Lodge. Next morning it was back to Tunbridge...

Via Queenstown and the West Coast. Again more nice roads and we used plenty of fuel. Probably one of the highlights was seeing a bunch of cars on a road test for Motor magazine...

then overtaken naturally...
A little bush bashing through the buzzing metropolis of...

Then it was night 3 of the holiday back at Tunbridge. In the evening I made a very nice...

And the home today. A big thankyou to the Sonnemanns again for letting us stay at their cottage.



Jonny said... 9/06/2007 10:54 pm  

At first glance is seams you rolled the Camry and set it alight in the last photo.

Alan said... 9/06/2007 11:57 pm  

or was that some bizarre construction of what your mind wanted/expected to see jonny? :P
cause, strangely enough, i saw wood..

Donners said... 9/07/2007 9:15 am  

Jonny LOL!

BSJ-rom said... 9/07/2007 3:05 pm  

Sounds like a lovely little road trip... Enjoy Queenstown?

I'm proud to say that I have umpired the Devils on the gravel oval.

Nick said... 9/07/2007 8:48 pm  

So how DID the old boat handle the corners?

Axel and Manny said... 9/07/2007 11:02 pm  

wow, looks like it was nice trip mate!! tho the pics make me miss tassie that much more :(

Bron said... 9/08/2007 9:34 am  

I'm glad to hear that you guys were having a nice holiday. I was beginning to think you had forsook blogging for facebook!

mike said... 9/08/2007 11:32 am  

Rest assured I'm still very much happily blogging away.

Cheers Nick
The ol'boat handled pretty ordinarily in the corners. I did get the tyres squealing round a bit so I wasn't exactly holding back.

You can lend me the Pug next time ;)
Oh and Jonny anytime you can roll my Camry and set fire to it.

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