That has got to be the one of the most dead headings in the history of blogging. Anyway besides being away on holidays my computer has been getting fixed. Now if you don't know I have a black macbook. I've had a number of issues with it. It was one of the first batch that tended to suffer from the following problems. So far I've had replaced...

  • The topcase
  • DVD Drive/burner
  • Bluetooth module
  • Heatsink (Overheating problems)
  • Logic board
Now before you all jump in and tell me how crap macs are and how good PCs are, I'd point out I've had far fewer problems with my current setup than with my previous PC (Hardware/Software). I rebuilt my PC from scratch more times than there are fingers on your hand, I've never had to do that with my mac. I also believe the current Mac OS is simply better. Now I have everthing back and running wonderfully. Apple have been very good with fixing all the problems. I'd certainly buy a mac again if I had my time over.



Alan said... 9/09/2007 6:08 pm  

not to turn your blog into a geek-fest (but you DID start it.. hehe)
I just put in an order for one of those 15" macbook pros.. and they don't know when it will be cause they have been having problems with screen manufacturing or something and all supplies of them have run dry!!! AHHHHHHHH!!..
people have been waiting up to 8 weeks so far.. :s
so much for a computer to help me for the end of semester..
but I guess God knows my distractions.. ;) just have to knuckle down and do my work without it.. *sigh*

Alan said... 9/09/2007 6:10 pm  

hey and jolly, you know the sad thing.. that heading will get you MANY hits..

mike said... 9/09/2007 9:43 pm  

I'll have to have a chat to you about some really cool programs when you get it.

mark said... 9/10/2007 5:19 am  

i'll have to agree to buying macbooks.. especially since i've got it running ubuntu linux perfectly instead of iEverything!

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