Men (and Erica) like to pray

On Tuesday night we held the FOCUS prayer meeting at my house. We ate some great food including Shaun's birthday cake (he wasn't even there to cut it). A great time was had by all.

Unfortunately I missed a fair bit of it while I was printing out fliers for the Worldview survey. I then had to push on up to Jane to help run a small Bible study. These are busy times.



Erica said... 8/02/2007 2:57 pm  

Yes, my kind of photo - you can barely see me ;)

Prayer is powerful. Will have to tell you some time the awesome way things came together to get some of my friends interested in the survey. We had a pretty good chat over it :) And that was just one instance of conversations coming out of the WV Survey. God is Great :)

BSJ-rom said... 8/02/2007 8:03 pm  

I think they are my eyes that you can see peering out of the mish mash...

This business of smiling Jolly... I'm not convinced. I was looking at models in those bridal shoppy places and none of them smile. So I have to practice the frown for Phil's wedding...

Erica said... 8/02/2007 10:48 pm  

Wait a minute ... different computer, clearer picture :(

Looks like there are less people than there were, due to the squish factor (poor Jerome!).

Renae said... 8/04/2007 4:11 pm  

Hey, looks like you had a good turn-out. Erm, but I don't think that one girl turning up means girls don't like to pray.. cos I do. Focus committee is practically all guys, and mostly committee people go to the prayer meetings cos I suppose we hear more about it. At most committee meetings there's 1-2 girls! That's just how this year is. I think we all try to make it but if we're not there at the prayer meeting, it could mean that there was something else we had to do and that Monday night just didn't work. But prayer is central to what we do so it's great that all you guys and girl made it! Rant concluded :)

mike said... 8/06/2007 4:24 pm  

I never said girls didn't like to pray... nor was I insinuating they didn't. I think you were feeling bad for not being there... which is silly especially if you had something more important to do.

Renae said... 8/06/2007 5:10 pm  

That's cool that you weren't suggesting that, but I wanted to make sure. But you know us pretty well so it makes sense that you wouldn't think that :) No, I don't think I felt bad for not being there. Just wanted to make sure you weren't mistaken! Cya tomorrow.

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