I'm moving house

Check my facebook profile for the details...

More information will become available as it comes to hand.
In the mean time you may want to check out Christine's blog. I've been chipping in a bit as she answers questions on our first month of marriage.



Stan and Clare said... 8/02/2007 2:52 pm  

MJ, if I was in the same state, I would love to have helped you guys move...

Michael said... 8/02/2007 9:26 pm  

Good luck with your moving. Jonny told me that you got Damon made you a bed.

Alan said... 8/03/2007 1:54 am  

Michael, check out his posts with all the pictures and stuff (and the funny comments, rofl)
Hey mike, will you still be in the same house when Andrew and I come to visit tomorrow?!

Taz said... 8/03/2007 11:11 am  

As I don't use facebook, I'll just say all the best with your moving, guaranteed you'll find plenty of stuff that you didn't even know you had.

Poor Christine, looks like she's been moving around a lot lately!!

Jonny said... 8/03/2007 5:43 pm  

I claim to be the first person to have a cup of tea and Tim-Tam in their new house.

Renae said... 8/04/2007 4:16 pm  

Happy moving.. it's always fun moving into a new place (if not a bit stressful!) but all the best with it, and I'll DEFINITELY come to the next prayer meeting just to check out your place ;) jk.. well have fun and I bet it'll be exciting to have new surroundings and everything!

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