You could....

Leave Christine lots of nice comments (here) and emails saying happy Christine day. Leave her lots of nice messages on Facebook.

Read a book on gender roles or visit one of these links...
here and here.

Anything to do with green is good.

You could do something vaguely American... like buy Oreos...

(I'm on a green couch with a green magazine and Oreos here)

talk in an American accent, watch a bad American TV show... or white socks and sandals.

Read or buy lots of books (especially by AW Pink).

Draw or paint something or at least pretend to be arty.

Celebrate Christine Day the best day of the year.



Pablo said... 6/15/2007 1:26 pm  

I'm onto it!

kath said... 6/15/2007 2:58 pm  

happy christine day!!!
to celebrate, i've decided to grow taller.

kath said... 6/15/2007 3:05 pm  

does christine like studying? i'm going to do that too. totally in the spirit of things.

mike said... 6/15/2007 3:07 pm  

Yup Christine loves a bit of study and reading... it's totally approved.

Chris said... 6/15/2007 8:59 pm  

you could have been a bit more creative with the name and called it Lafonda day ;)

Renae said... 6/15/2007 11:44 pm  

Happy Christine Day to everyone out there.. and especially Christine.. To celebrate, I'm going to eat green m&m's. The special edition Shrek variety :)

Priscilla said... 6/16/2007 4:53 am  

I bought "Chip's Ahoy" yesterday rather than Oreos. Is that ok?

(ooops! Forgot to don my white socks with sandals!)

Laura said... 6/16/2007 5:17 am  

Chips Ahoy are OK too, says this american. But I never ever ever wear white socks with sandals.

Other than that error Moik, a great post. I've also posted a tribute to Christine Day, that brilliant international holiday.

ckhnat said... 6/16/2007 6:36 am  

this is how i celebrated that noble day!

Bron said... 6/16/2007 5:39 pm  

And the magazine's even about Guns - how American!

The Borg said... 6/16/2007 11:05 pm  

Lolz Bron.

Priscilla said... 6/18/2007 12:04 pm  

I'm actually American too. No I don't wear white socks with sandals. (I was only kidding.) I don't see too many people here who do. I saw one child recently who was wearing them...but his parents are both from Germany. Go figure!

ckhnat said... 6/18/2007 6:13 pm  

oh, yeh, it's TOTALLY a german thing, too. ask any Italian what they think about Germans and they will scoff, "Hmph, they wear SOCKS with sandals!"

nuff said.

mike said... 6/18/2007 7:39 pm  

Nup I disagree... American tourists are MAJOR sock and sandal offenders.

ckhnat said... 6/19/2007 12:17 am  

who are you disagreeing with, Silly. I only said Germans do the sock/sandal thing, TOO (as well as Americans).

It just makes celebrating the day that much more fitting ... the whole German/American combo.

Just wait till you get here ... you'll see.

Laura said... 6/19/2007 2:06 am  

Ergh. American tourists, as you were forced to recognize when you came here Mike, are not the same as Americans! I will blog about this very thing today, just for you. ;)

ckhnat said... 6/19/2007 8:27 am  

true that, Laura... they are a "special" breed of their own.

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