Winners are grinners

My team the Jets won our netball final tonight. It was a great win against a team who have beaten us soundly before. In fact I didn't think we'd win the game. We're really starting to play really well as a team. I played only a couple of quarters as goal shooter but loved every second of it. We play in the semi finals (I think) next week. Unfortunately I'll be in Sydney so they'll have to do without me... I'm sooo pleased I think I'll be grinning for the rest of the this week at least.



kath said... 6/08/2007 4:06 pm  

we should have taken a team photo, since it's the last week that everyone was gonna be there :S
sucks that we start to get some good team flow happening right at the end of the season!
awesome shooting, by the way. we'll miss you next week...
for all those that want to come and cheer (even tho jolly will be away..) our preliminary final is at 7pm on thurs out at creek road.
we're playing 'alfie', who i think have only lost one game all season.

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