If you love/hate myspace...

... you'll love my mate Mark's myspace video. It's very very funny (see here).



BSJ-rom said... 6/08/2007 12:14 pm  

That is nothing short of brilliant. I love his work...

Pryderi said... 6/08/2007 12:29 pm  

It's very good but surely Chazzz is not an exotic name?

BSJ-rom said... 6/09/2007 5:39 pm  

Yeah, but the whole thing is that Mark is a simple guy, and as a result of that simplicity, thinks that Chazzz is an exotic name.

I do have one criticism. Fairly hefty one, actually. The Bat was featured drinking Cascade Premium Light. This is really not appropriate. Rokeby Reds maybe, if Draught is too expensive, but surely not Premium Light.

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