Radical Reformission

There aren't many books that I heartily recommend. There are even fewer that I can say I've read all of. That brings me to Driscoll's book. I reviewed his Confessions here.

This book I think better articulates Driscoll's mission and purpose. His other book while equally good was a more personal and humorous account of his journey from little known duder to big gun. This book however is a must read for pastors and those church leadership. For those who might dismiss Driscoll as another emerging* stooge would be most interested in his criticism of not only post modernity but aspects of emerging church movement in the US.

Driscoll a clearly gifted communicator taking complex ideologies explaining them in every day language with candor and laugh-out-loud humour. I loved this book and I'm convinced you'll love it to.

*If you pride yourself on "cultural engagement", "Gen Y" and being across the "emerging movement" and haven't read this book you have committed heinous sin.



Jonny said... 6/24/2007 1:23 am  

I think I am gen X. I've only read about 4 books.

David said... 6/24/2007 6:55 am  

i agree that this is a great book. have you read his contribution to 'listening to the beliefs of the emerging church'?
if not that might be your next one!

Taz said... 6/25/2007 1:09 pm  

On backorder at Koorong. You recommendation must have caused a nation-wide sellout.

Either way I might try to grab his other books while the special is still on.

Any gearing-up-for-wedding news?

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