Nintendo on Caffeine...

We had our much planned social night for FOCUS down at Bay West Hall last night.

Chloe from Oomph kindly donated some beans for us to use. Caleb, Matt and my brother kindly bought their coffee machines, grinders and more gear than you can poke a stick at down to the Baywest Hall.

We had a couple of Nintendo Wii game consoles and a food challenge (thanks Tim) that provided the entertainment.

I was pretty happy with the turn out all things considered. Thanks to Matt, Caleb, Dave, the guys at Oomph, Renae for doing most of the organising and Alex and Jono for the Wii's.



Jonny said... 4/30/2007 1:52 am  

What is it with todays youth. In the 70s they had downhill skate boarding, in the 80s they had Rubix cube competitions, in the 90s we morned for Kirk Cobain, and now they think a good cup of coffee is as good as it gets.

Three different guys with seperate coffee machines... As if it wasn't a competition. It's like getting three seperate ladies to do the flowers for church all on the same sunday. It can only end in tears.

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