Happiness is... pretty fickle

I combined my two favorite sports tonight. Now it's been a while since I last played mixed netball (two years infact) but I dusted of my runners for a game with some Uni/FOCUS/Christian mates. The other sport was Mountain Biking. Tonight I only rode to the stadium and back but I've been riding once a week for last few weeks trying to get my fitness back.

Now my profile states that I broke two ribs once playing netball... however I will point out that this was by no means a career ending injury for me. In fact that year we went on to win our Division. You little ripper! (See below)

So how did we go? We lost by two goals. I was mostly happy with my game except for the clumsy turnovers. Most importantly of all playing again left me feeling happy, very happy.



kath said... 4/27/2007 2:54 pm  

hmmm i just tried to post a comment but i don't know if it worked... let's try again. i think the last one was far wittier, so if the other one did come through ignore this one!
i decided to come out of blog lurking world to say YEAH! thanks for playing! you'll have let me know where you like to play though - none of this being easygoing and gentlemanly!
ps in response to your medal i can only say this- 1999 friends netball club: U13 div 3 best and fairest. oh yeah.

Donners said... 4/27/2007 3:18 pm  

Hi Mike. Good too see you're getting back into riding and netball... good for your brain, mood and health.

I have bought a (cheap) bike and have been riding to and from work pretty much every day.

It saves a stack of cash on travel and gives me my exercise, hence I save time too!!

It's harder and more fun than I thought...

You should live in melb. Mike, the bike tracks can get you anywhere in melb.

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