I interviewed a couple of the FOCUS fellas for the forthcoming AFES newsletter. Here's a sneak peak.

Yourself in three words?
Volleyball, Christian, laid back

What’s the best thing about FOCUS?
Meeting with Christians on campus. It’s encouraging to see to be around and see people who have the same beliefs as you.

What’s different about Uni compared to school?
Challenging and difficult. It’s a busier time at Uni with more work than I had at school.

Being a Christian is…
The only way. The way of life to glorify God further his Kingdom. The only way to be truly happy. It’s exciting to see other people alive in Christ and loving life living for him.

Being a Christian at Uni is…
A struggle at times. It’s hard to make close relationships with non Christians there when they have different morals to you. You can sometimes feel uncomfortable in a big group of them.

Something to pray for FOCUS is…
The growth of FOCUS on the campus. For God to provide for the needs in funding FOCUS. For students to make time to get along to FOCUS.



Tim said... 4/24/2007 8:53 pm  

nice insight..good style of interviewing have you done any media work before? hmmmm ;-)

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