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Dear Brothers and Sisters

I've had a most restful Easter. It was great to take some time off and recover from a stack of one-to-one work and preaching during the last month.

As I mentioned last time, I preached at another school camp. This wasn't as straightforward as the earlier one, however I worked hard and felt that the majority of the students understood the message. I realised how important it is that people you are preaching to have Bibles to look at for themselves. This would have really helped the kids to concentrate.

FOCUS continues to cruise along. At the moment I’m working helping the students to organise events for themselves. I'm a big fan of this as it encourages students to have ownership of FOCUS. We're hoping to run a car wash fundraiser late in the month.

Sam has been preaching faithfully through 1 Corinthians. I have particularly been challenged to have a servant heart like Jesus did in laying down his life for others' salvation (1 Cor 10:33ff). I've also been doing a lot of thinking and research about the Emerging Church, and the problem of pornography among Christian blokes and how to talk to school-age guys about it.

We're also hoping to run a big social night for all the Christians at FOCUS in the next couple of weeks. I've also been running a number of movie nights at my house. These have helped FOCUS students from different churches to hang out and fellowship together.

I'm meeting with a number of the blokes from FOCUS on a regular basis. Some I have been meeting with weekly, others I've been seeing more informally every now and again. I've been reading the Bible with some and praying with others and reading articles with others. It keeps me pretty busy.

Next month I'll be preaching at FOCUS, Crossroads and Richmond Congregational Church. Your thoughts and prayers for this would be appreciated.

Some things to give thanks for are that I'm approximately three quarters of the way to the goal of $20,000 for my wage this year. Also give thanks that the year has gone well so far and I'm feeling confident in the run down to the end of semester. My preparation for getting married in June continues to progress smoothly. Please pray that this will continue.

Again please contact me if you have any advice, thoughts, comments or questions.

Thanks once again for you prayers and support
Cheers in Christ

Mike Jolly



Nixter said... 4/23/2007 12:34 pm  

the 2nd pic looks like you have a new hair do - but I am assuming it's a hat?

mike said... 4/24/2007 9:22 am  

indeed a girly hat I borrowed...

Sherrin said... 4/25/2007 1:27 pm  

It is good to hear about what you've been doing. keep up the good work!

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