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Dear Brothers and Sisters

It’s been a busy year till now. After farewelling Christine in Sydney I came back and began work straight away. I spent a few days up at a Christian Conference for young leaders in Port Sorell. It was great to get back into some small group leading. My group went really well and had great fun.

This was followed by three short sermons that I did as part of a camp for Emmanuel Christian School. They looked at Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and Proverbs. They seemed to well with the children and teachers responding positively. This was encouraging as teens are notoriously difficult to engage. I’ll be preaching the same talks for another camp later in the month. It’s great to have the opportunity to preach evangelistically.

The first FOCUS public meeting for the year was at 1pm Tuesday. This was preceded by a good Aussie style BBQ... there were a few hiccups including no matches to light it! There was also Damon's accident on Churchill avenue with all the BBQ tools tumbling all over middle of the road. In spite of these minor setbacks things ran smoothly. There were a number of new people which I found greatly encouraging. I wasn't feeling my 100% Jolly best but managed to master some form of understandable communication with a number of the newcomers.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be filling my diary with social events and meeting with blokes to catch up, hang out, read the Bible and pray. Another one of my hopes is to try and encourage and build an environment where people can have feedback on the running of FOCUS.

There is a great deal to look forward to this year. I’ll be preaching at FOCUS and later in the year at Crossroads. I still have to choose what to preach on. More thought and prayer for this appreciated. In the middle of the year I’ll be getting married before heading back home in time for FOCUS’ Mid Year Conference.

Some things to pray about in the medium to short term include; that I’ll be accepted by the blokes (and girls) at FOCUS as part of the team. That I’ll continue to be a Godly example to the students. That I’ll learn to be humble in my role as an apprentice. That I’ll be able to raise the necessary funds for the year. I’m approximately half way to the goal of $20,000. Please feel free to contact me if you have any advice, thoughts or questions.

Thanks once again for you prayers and support
Cheers in Christ



Ruth said... 3/11/2007 10:30 pm  

Praying for you Mike.

mike said... 3/14/2007 11:24 pm  

Thanks heaps appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said... 3/16/2007 1:36 pm  

Great to hear about your first few weeks Jolly. Praying for you. Cath and Joe Towns.

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