Calvin Gameshow Camp (monster report)

The trip to Maria Island began well..
Yes that is a sleeping bag floating in the water... not mine

(Jetty at Maria Island)

(teachers Mrs Nielson and Miss Warwick along for the trip)
(Miss Reeves and Mrs call me sir... Bester)

Our Campsite...

I slept in a tent with Kieth. He's a top bloke. Much respect.
Most of the other kids were in the main building.

(Keith and yours truly)

Below Keith and Marty demonstrate "high fives"

("High fives" for high fives)

Wildlife was abundant... for the Americans


(Cape Barron Goose)

The "games" in the Gameshow went well... Below is the mouse trap game. This involved throwing 200 grams of smarties at 10 mouse traps in order to set them off. Guess how many the best group managed to get?

(Kite race carnage)

I've seen better days

It was challenging and enjoying time.

Kids were much more distracted than the ones at Emmanuel. It was also made more difficult with most of the students not having their Bibles. I had to work hard to hold and keep their attention. Having said that the majority of the kids listened the most of the time.

A few of us managed to grap some time for an awesome walk as well...

(From the bottom about 45min out of camp)

(The view from the top was amazing)

(Simon and Mel on the edge)

The trip home was much quieter... much much quieter.

In all it was a positive experience. I was happy with the three talks especially the second one and I got to add in some great application on the last talk (especially for the blokes Christine would have been proud).

Give thanks to God for a great time and for a great oppotunity for these kids to hear the gospel.