Doctor Pepper and the Non Sequitur

I’m standing outside the locked classroom. I lift my can of drink to my mouth. The cold brushed aluminum can feels baby bottom smooth across my lips. The carbonated fizz makes my mouth tingle, almost burning the back of my throat.

“Why do you always drink Doctor Pepper?” asks the greasy grade seven.
“Have you ever tried it?” I counter
“No I’ve never heard of it before”
“It’s nice you should try it some time.”
“Why? It looks like it would taste horrible. I mean it’s not even for sale in Australia. Yuck!”

What I’m trying to illustrate (perhaps badly) is this;

Just because something is unfamiliar or new doesn't necessarily mean it is bad.

In logic this is what is called a non sequitur. A Non sequitur is an argument in which the conclusion does not follow from its premises. In the example of the grade seven the non sequitur is, “If something is new or unknown it is therefore it is bad”.

The problem is that when things are labelled as “bad” they are rejected out of hand. This occurs without first experiencing, thinking or being open persuasion. I’ve noticed this in myself and others as I’ve grown older. When new products, pieces of technology and forms of popular culture come out I instinctively assume they aren’t worthwhile.

Back to my Doctor Pepper. In Australia it can only be found in specialty shops and low rent bargain stores. It’s quirky and it’s different. But it’s not bad. Different doesn’t equal bad. Sure to try it for the first time did require some effort. The idea of Cherry Cola is not too far removed from us in Australia.

When I tried it I loved it. I loved it’s fake cherry smell. Often tastes and or smells remind you of a particular life event or location. For me Doctor Pepper reminds me of America... the good bits of America. In conclusion if you’re open to something new you might just enjoy a Doctor Pepper too.



Japh said... 11/13/2013 1:41 pm  

Doctor Pepper is fantastic! It used to be more widely available, then disappeared for a while, and now is in select places (like Legs 'n' Breasts, actually). Even easier to find in Melbourne, etc. too.

Non sequiturs are very frustrating in others, and often invisible in ourselves.

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