The Reason for God

I don’t post links for many Christian things these days unless I actually think they are actually REALLY worth watching. So it’s in this context that I’m posting this video. Dr Tim Keller was invited to to speak at Google as part of Authors at Google talks back in 2008.

He was asked to speak on the reasons for belief in God. The video goes for just over an hour but the last 20 minutes or so are questions and answers. It’s well worth a watch especially if you don’t believe in God or necessarily sign up to Christian belief. He addresses why this is in his first point. Let me give you a taster summary for his talk.

  1. Why the reasons for God are important.
  2. How the reasons for God work.
  3. What the reasons for God are.
I should also plug the a book he has published on the subject The Reason For God. It’s an excellent read. I really like the way he approaches things. He is intelligent, softly spoken and winsome. Not one of those annoying ranty American preachers. Nor does he take cheap smug shots at Atheism and disbelief.

What ever your stripe you will enjoy this... at least what the Google employees are wearing at 54 minutes in.



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