I'm sick at home but I'd rather be at work

I'm sitting at home on the couch surrounded by tissues, on an self enforced day off work sick. I have some sort of cold thing (just over a week after getting a "flu shot"). I know it's not a "cold shot" but still I hate crappy sick. This is made more frustrating given I really wanted to go to work today. I like my work.

My blogging has been pretty sparse mostly because I'm really busy. On the other hand I've been loving micro blogging on Twitter. I signed up for Twitter a while back and wasn't quite sure what to do with it. The clincher for me was integrating it into a little chat based program for Mac called Adium. Adium quickly and easily allows me instant chat multiplatform.

Most usefully I can update my status from Twitter* then it automatically updates across, MSN, Gmail chat, and of course Facebook. Tweets from people I'm following on Twitter pop up just like normal conversations in chat tab. It's very neat.

I know many of you out there aren't convinced by Twitter and would argue "it's just another thing" and "waste of time". However I think if you can integrate it somehow into the exisiting systems you use, you won't find it hugly intrustive or time wasting. Just some food for thought.

*Twitter support for Adium is still currently in beta and can be found here.



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