The rock concert... what happend to the drunk girl?

It’s early on a Saturday night and I’m sitting on my prime-viewing ledge at the University Union bar. The gig starts. A guy in a crazy green suit wanders on stage (see below). His lyrics are garbled noise over a disco pop beat with a really heavy bass. He screams… a lot. From my position I watch as he wanders the room assaulting members of the audience and screaming in their faces. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I want to hate and dismiss him as a crazy wanker but he’s just too keen.

I'm getting bored. On the other side of the room I spot a security guy with his fluro top on inside out. Classic. Next a guy walks past me wearing sunglasses on his head. No kidding. It’s night and we’re indoors. Evidently his girlfriend has the same disease of stupid cause she has her sunglasses on her head too. In front of me stands meat head man with a mullet that partially obscures his Opeth tee.

The support band come out, Trial Kennedy. They rock hard in a way your Mum would hate. Their drummer doesn't have a shirt. They have strong harmonious vocals reminiscent of The Butterfly Effect. People look more drunk. It dawns on me that in order to dance up the front you need a lot of confidence or just be really pissed. I can’t see myself doing either maybe that’s why I don’t dance.

It’s about 11pm when Birds of Tokyo come on stage. The lead singer looks like my computer nerd friend Matt. He dances with a sort of jerky nerdy motions. His vocals are spot on. The crowd seems to pulsate in time to the music like a large bodily organ. It’s the middle of the concert and a slight framed (drunk) girl jumps up next to me and proceeds to fall asleep. I’m not sure how, the music is very loud. Jason leans in and asks me if she’s ok.

They pump through their songs and people seem to enjoy it. Light explodes all over the room, music washes over me. I tap along. It’s a nice night out and I feel young again.



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