Flowing locks. Shameful but true.

What: I'm giving away Michael Bolton's Said I Loved You But I Lied from the album The One Thing.
Type: CD Single includes bonus track Soul Provider.
Condition: Used... but very good condition I probably listened to it once. Also contains small picture of Michael Bolton with chest hair (sorry no picture).

Does ANYONE want this CD or should I just break it up and do the world a favor?



Jason said... 3/04/2009 2:45 pm  

Cleanse it with fire.

Cabernet Leather said... 3/04/2009 3:00 pm  

Maybe you could film the demolition and post it, with the song playing as the soundtrack? It could become a sort of anti-film clip.

Suomy Nona said... 3/04/2009 3:27 pm  

Poor Michael Bolton. He should've recorded that album anonymously! But at least the cover photo is of him, not his wife or daughter >:)

Pablo said... 3/04/2009 7:25 pm  

I once played 'Said I loved you but I lied' at a wedding as the bride walked down the aisle. It was the day in 1996 that Howard beat Keating in the federal election. A sad day on many fronts.

Laura said... 3/05/2009 12:13 am  

I'm with Jason. Dedicate that sucker to the Lord with flames of fire; utterly destroy it.

Benny said... 3/07/2009 7:24 pm  

Put in in JB HiFi with a significantly overpriced sticker. I can get you the sticker.

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