Let's play nice ok?

Anonymous comments annoy me. It's no big secret.

Generally people on this blog keep their comments constructive but there are always a few that slip through. I try very hard to have a thick skin. Some of the harshest comments on this blog have stood because people used their name, but similar things said anonymously I have deleted.

Making anonymous comments isn't usually a constructive exercise. I liken it to walking into a party wearing a ski mask and proceeding insult the host and fellow guests in a loud voice. Responding to anonymous comments is also frustrating. I don't know who you are or your background. It may be simple misunderstanding or maybe I have actually offended you and should apologise. I also don't know whether you are a Christian or not*. There are any number of alternative options available to the anonymous commenter

  • Use a pseudonym.
  • Send me an email or facebook me.
  • Talk to me face to face.
  • Finally, not read my blog.
So why not turn them off then I hear to ask. Well there's few reasons. Firstly I often post about subjects that lend themselves to anonymous comments. I'm usually happy to receive people's experiences in this medium. Second some people don't have open ID or similar. Third I try to be optimistic when it comes to my readers. I'd like to think that people can be trusted to do the right thing and keep it constructive.

So let's all play nice ok?

*These sorts of simple things can make a difference as some posts are written from within a (admittedly my) Christian world view.