Car Alterations*

It’s lazy Sunday afternoon and my mobile phone rings. It’s Davo. Usually when we call each other there’s a bit of silly brotherly banter and maybe an impression of our Dad… but not this time there’s a no-nonsense tone in his voice.

“Now listen carefully man. I’m serious. I’ve had an accident in the car. I’m Ok and in Launny in the Hospital.”
My guts sink in me. “You ok then?” I ask.
“It’s a write off."
“Oh well don’t worry about that.” (I‘ve always had a love hate relationship with that car).
“Do you want me to pick you up?” I say looking at Christine to see if it’s ok.
“I’ll leave straight away seeya soon.”

I don’t think I’ve moved faster out the door in my life. Redbull check. Water check, ipod check, and I’m off. The road isn’t too busy and the traffic is light. I drive with the headlights on and the speedo bang on 110. Drink water, overtake, Campbell Town, egg and bacon pie. Time moves quickly. Two hours pass.

Davo walks out to meet me as I pull up outside the hospital. I give him a big hug that he probably doesn’t like. He tells me what happened. He’s pretty calm, Dave and are usually are pretty calm when s**t hits the fan. He tells me how the car slid off the road and how the tree just missed him. He tells me how people picked him up with all his bike stuff and helped him strip the car of it’s small Sony stereo and battery. We spend 15 mins talking to the insurance company to make sure they can recover the car before heading.

We pick up Davo’s stuff from a short stocky friendly guy we chuck it in the back of my newly fixed Corolla… it all fits. We drive back. We talk but don’t chit chat much, we don’t need to. We’ve travelled together many times before. It’s like communicating in code. We get back and it’s about 9pm. I drop Dave off after visiting Mum and Dad who are surprisingly calm.

It’s 10pm and wearily open the door to our flat.
“That you Mike?”
“I’m having some strong contractions.”

*Davo thought of this title.



Nick G said... 2/23/2009 11:38 am  

I like this post and I'm so grateful to God that Dave's OK. Me and my bro had a kind of similar last-minute Launceston trip so I really related to this.

Nick G said... 2/23/2009 11:44 am  

Missing word* recently

Jonny said... 2/23/2009 3:58 pm  

"man. I'm serious." Just like the Phill Collins CD in the Sony.

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