5 christian friends who have influenced me

  1. Mikey – Pastor of Crossroads church. Taught me much about myself and my relationship to ministry and people. Helped me to move more like a ninja when I talk about my faith and showed great belief in me and they gifts I have.
  2. Seumas – Bible College and language ninja extraordinary. Seumas always thinks outside the square. He’s from Sydney not Hobart and he’s cool but in weird way. Amazing intellect. We chat regularly on Skype.
  3. Benny – Taught me heaps about ministry and University work. He also taught me humility and how to disciple others, helped shape my mind to become sharp. He also stood by me in some really tough times.
  4. Sam Green – For preaching and teaching faithfully good solid theology and grounding me in basic understanding of the Bible over my Uni years.
  5. Paul Chew – Taught me the basics of Romans 1-5 and put up with my annoying questioning of everything in Bible study when I first become a Christian. Thinks outside the square and puts up with my annoying questions still.



John Dekker said... 1/03/2009 12:59 pm  

Great post! It automatically made me think of my own list.

The logical next step is to do something to show our appreciation. Doug Phillips has more.

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