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Howdy Folks

This letter finds me almost at the completion of my MTS/Ministry apprenticeship. I've just finished preaching a couple of sermons at Crossroads' Tuesday night and Sunday morning congregations. I felt like I was more back in the groove of things and I worked really hard to get both sermons up to my expectations. It was great to feel that connection with people from a preaching point of view.

About a week ago I helped out/organise the Tuesday Crossroads first birthday community event in South Hobart. It was a great success with a number of people from the South Hobart community coming along to chat and grab a free sausage. It was encouraging to be part of putting something back into the community and be able to serve the South Hobart community.

I've also been working hard in the Crossroads office taking some of the painful administration tasks away from Dan and Mikey and applying my sharpness to them. I've been involved with the steering committee with Dan and Mikey, in addition to being responsible for some of the smaller day to day decisions for Crossroads Church. I've tremendously enjoyed working with Mikey and Dan. We've had great fun in the office over the year (although not to begin with). Mikey has done a great job training me and bearing with my 11th hour "freak outs". I'm truly blessed to have worked with these guys. I'm also grateful to Sam Green, FOCUSutas and the AFES head office staff for their hard work particularly in my first year of my job.

(View from our new flat at Jane)

Things with Christine are going well. Her pregnancy has progressed very smoothly. If all goes according to plan we'll welcome Olivia Kious Jolly into the world towards middle-to-end of February next year. Most recently we've been attending parenting/birthing classes that have been long but at times entertaining. On top of completing a couple of classes toward her Master's Degree, she's been mentoring two young women preparing for marriage in the New Year, as well as, co-leading a women's Bible study. Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget how much work she does while I run around being “busy”.

I'll be finishing up my apprenticeship at the end on the 22nd of January. However last three weeks of this will be holidays, that I've been saving up all year. Christine and I had planned to travel to the USA during this time but this become problematic with Olivia's pending arrival. Instead during this time I plan to have a good rest and look for new employment. I'm not super fussed about what job I end up doing. I've committed to working here at Jane for all of next year meaning that I'll have to work my new job around things here.

Many of you may be wondering about whether we're planning to go to Bible College. The short answer is no. It certainly won't be next year but it's definitely one of the options for 2010. There also may be a small possibility of going back down to the University to do Christian work again. Stay tuned to my blog for more details.

I'm really happy with how things have turned out in 2008. It's been a difficult year having to adjust to a new job and new boss. I've been sick a fair bit and things often haven't gone according to my plan. However I've fought on and not given up by God's grace. I've most appreciated the people work that I've done this year particularly meeting with the various blokes. Many students have supported me in my work and I've found very often they have more to teach me than I do to teach them and they've helped and encouraged me greatly. Most of all I am very grateful to Christine and the great support she’s been throughout my whole paid ministry experience.

(Our new home at Jane inside)

Finally I'd like to take the time to say a big thank-you to you. I'd like thank all my readers and friends, family (and critics) all around the world for all your support (both prayer and financial) over the last couple of years. It's been a long crazy road and there have been some highlights and low lights but God has sustained me through all of them.

It has been a tremendously humbling experience to rely on others and God for my daily bread. God has taught me many things during my apprenticeship and for this experience I am truly thankful. It's my prayer that you may have been able to know something (through these newsletters and my blog) of where and what ministry, particularly my ministry, involves.

Please also feel free to pop by and visit my blog as I plan to keep it running in some form for a little longer. It's my prayer that you have a very happy Christmas and that the New Year brings you to walk closer each day to Jesus. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Thanks again and God Bless



Amy Imms said... 12/18/2008 12:26 am  

Just wanted to say it has been great having you as part of the Crossroads staff this year and that you have been such an encouragement to both Jason and I. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break in January.

Mark said... 12/18/2008 8:29 am  

You guys are champs. It's been great hearing of God's work in and through you both. Keep on posting, and keep on keeping on for Jesus!

Anonymous said... 12/18/2008 12:41 pm  

Thanks Mike for all your hard work for us all. You're a legend and I'm encouraged to have read your newsletter. I found your sermon on Sunday really helpful too and I hope to keep the things you said in my heart and mind in this upcoming year. Cath Towns

dan said... 12/19/2008 9:16 am  

Mike, a real pleasure working alongside you this year. Though you may not feel like you've ticked a heap of MTS boxes, you have grown in God's ways. Also a huge support to me. One day you might get a phone call...

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