I'm not into theology!

Back when I was doing my teaching degree we were constantly told to develop our "theory of teaching". One statement I didn't really like but stayed with me was that "Everyone has a theory of teaching. It's just how well it's understood and articulated". I think it's very similar with worldviews.

John Piper says this

Everybody has a creed. All people believe in something and shape their lives around it. Even agnostics believe very strongly that you ought not believe anything very strongly (which is why it is so hard to be a consistent agnostic). We all have a creed that we live by, whether we can articulate it or not.
For the same reason it really gives me the heebie geebies when I talk to Christians who say "I'm not into theology". I understand what they mean but it's a nonsensical self defeating statement.



Luke said... 12/08/2008 3:30 pm  

I keep my theology on a leash and then teach it tricks. If it's very well behaved I let it listen to some Driscoll.

Seriously, I agree. For some ecumenical variety; that Roman Catholic philosopher Kreeft argues for exactly the same idea. "Every one has a philosophy, even saying you don't have one is a philosophy." (from The Journey)

One Salient Oversight said... 12/08/2008 4:02 pm  

Theology is the study of God. How can Christians hope to obey God without knowing who he is and what he has done?

Astrid said... 12/08/2008 7:38 pm  

I was initially shocked at the title - you not beleiveing in theology? I was then releived.

I believe in theology but at certain points I get over it and think well I think this is right and I'm sure God will show me in time if I'm not.

I don't know if you need to be so worried about those people its probaly what their perception of being into theology means. It prob better rather than argueing for it initially to ask indirect questions like. How does God impact your life? and so on

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