What the kids are up to...

My mate Josh sent me though a link for one schoolie who is blogging their experiences for a West Australian newspaper.

Leavers started off with a bang for my mate. He scored and I got kicked out of our room. He got her number but reckons he won’t bother calling her. Just a one-night stand, he says.
It's interesting stuff. You can read more here.



Claire :) said... 12/03/2008 12:38 pm  

So I read it.... that was interesting. I have no idea what to think. There were 5 entries total, and overall commenters varied between "this is a fake", "on ya mate" and "you idiot". I dunno.

Is it just me or was Tassie not like that? I mean, I guess I was little and protected and all that, but it felt to me like College was so, I dunno, like uni, that people were drinking and doing drugs the whole way through year 11/12 if they wanted to, and the end of year 12 was more of a relief and time to relax or find work, than party... was that just me and the people I know? did some people do the "Schoolies" thing? No one I know even went to the year 12 formal, let alone anything after that. Some people did go camping with mates and probably took grog, but not in a big fashion... Odd. I don't know anyone (except a few total idiots) who were like what's portrayed in the blog here.. I wonder how typical it is. Was I sheltered or is that behaviour not that common? I dunno... htey had parties like that in Year 10, but by year 12 people mostly seemed more grown up, strangely enough.

I guess age is a factor too - in Tassie most year 12 leavers are 18 or very close. In WA, where this blog is based, they seem to finish a year earlier, and most 1st year students are not 18 (societies day is thus rather different since the crackdown on RSA!). Maybe that's a factor in the coolness of getting drunk, but then it should be pretty hard to get the alcohol in the first place. I dunno. No experience here at all!!

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