Strahan and back again

At Mikey's suggestion Christine and I went away for a mini break on Friday and Saturday. I borrowed my old car from my brother and we drove to Strahan on the West Coast. Unfortunately I was sick with a sore throat (still?) there whole time.

The mighty Camry (Chugging since '89)

View from where we stayed. Pretty swish.

It was a really beautiful to get away and enjoy part of the State which I've called home for the last fifteen years. If you haven't been here you should come it's simple as that.

Most awesomely we picked up a hitchiker from the Czech Republic who was interested in talking about Christianity. Good stuff.



The Borg said... 11/03/2008 4:02 pm  

Nice photography, Mike. I liked the way you captured the trip.

mike said... 11/03/2008 5:42 pm  

I should note that some of the pictures were taken by Christine even though I sorta needed to motivate her.

"Common Christine you are the artistic one in our family."

Ruth said... 11/03/2008 8:01 pm  

Looks lovely. Great photos. I hope the break was restful.

mike said... 11/03/2008 9:37 pm  

Thanks Ruth :) Hope you are well.

Jonny said... 11/04/2008 11:58 am  

Photo No.2 looks like Gran Turismo 5. That road is ear marked for the Levin GTV20.

Claire :) said... 11/25/2008 5:21 pm  

Go the mighty Camry :)
We're driving a '90 Camry, same as that but in red. No air con, no power steering, beast of a thing, but still driving on.
Has driven Adelaide -> Hobart -> Perth now. No problems.
Not attractive, not the easiest to drive (turn tight corners), absorbs SO much solar radiation, but definitely a car I'd recommend for economy and reliability.
Not that the economy is spectacular, but it's pretty darn good, and driving a less efficient old car is still better for the environment than requiring the production of a new car.
But reliability? 5 stars for ours.

We went to Strahan for a bit of a weekend break last year, Queen's birthday. I second Mike, if you haven't been you really should. Go during Winter, if you're Taswegian you might get discounts on tourist attractions which are a bit quiet at that time - we got about 40% off a cruise. Was brilliant, I'd even recommend it at full price.

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