Lessons Learned

As many of my readers will be aware I'm a bit of a fan of Mark Driscoll. Reading his book Confessions of a Reformission Rev reminded me of when a bunch of us started a new church nearly 10 years ago. We were a bunch of young hot 18 to 20 year old headed punks who only half knew what we were doing.

In those early years we (I) made truckloads of mistakes, however we did learn some important lessons. Mikey has been documenting them and they are well worth a read especially if you're young and thinking of starting a church.

You can read all 5 parts on Mikey's blog here. *edit* fixed link



Mark said... 9/15/2008 6:36 am  

Sounds like one of you Mikes should write a book about the Australian experience of church planting. We're still waiting for that one!

'Confessions of a hot-headed, Tasmanian punk'

Has a good ring to it. No?

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