An epic tale of woe Part #1

A while back I bought a car. The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that I haven't really blogged about it since my mate Jonny brought it down about a month or so after I bought it. There's a good reason for this which explain under three headings. (Sounds like a sermon).

The Good

  • The engine is a ripper. It's a true sports motor revving out to nearly 8000 rpm. It has a low 180,000kms. Very good for it's age.
  • The car handles beautifully with it's front strut brace doing the biz.
  • It's faster, lighter, more economical, more way more fun than my old Camry (see below).
  • It's not been tinkered with by wannabe boy racers.
The Bad
  • The front wheel bearing needed attention.
  • The gearbox was slightly worn.
  • Some parts of the interior were worn.
  • The bloke lied in the online ad about the age of the car (It was 1989 not 1992).
  • Crap tyres.

The (very) Ugly
  • The rear wing fell off in Sydney while I was waiting to get the car down. It turns out that the dodgy bloke I bought it from had sikaflexed it back on when it had fallen off before.
  • One word. Rust. Meaning that the car leaked like a sieve (see above).
  • I paid too much for it. Considering the condition of the car it was worth closer to $2000 to $2500.



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