Tell me what's your flavor?

Does anyone actually read the Crossroads weekly email? I've been responsible for this since I took over doing the secretary's job and Amber got sick. Perhaps I just need encouragement. Anyway here's this weeks work of creative genius.

Welcome again to the Crossroads weekly digest
What's your flavour?
  • Crossroads House moves location this week to the beutiful Kettering and will be hosted by Steve Brinkoff at 56 Ferry St, Kettering. Jake will be be continuing our series in 1 Peter.
  • Crossroads Mother Ship continues this Sunday at the Phillip Smith Centre. Dan will be preaching from 1 Thessalonians.
  • Toilet Block Tuesdays, Mikey is in the office complaining about having to preach John chapter 11, so who knows what he'll end up doing.
Something Extra?
  • A reminder to people to fill out their "Breaking the Silence Forms" and return them asap to Mikey.
  • Pryderi's small group continues Tomorrow @ 7:30pm following the preaching series.
  • Drop on over and visit Mikey's blog (I reckon it's pretty good).
  • Think you too can be a Crossroads Office Ninja? We want your skills and talent as Crossroads Secretary. If you can help us with this (even a day a week) send an email to
Finally a short update on the Ethics studies from last week. While we didn't have any takers we're planing to relaunch with more energy and vtiality early next semester so stay tunned.



The Borg said... 5/29/2008 7:51 pm  

Does anyone actually read the Crossroads weekly email?

Oh course they do! I always read it. It's a highlight in my inbox. And I liked the Mark Driscol-esq church service branding.

Jonny said... 5/29/2008 9:38 pm  

I missed the bible study. Because I worked back late, and by the time I had bought "little india" and ate it, and watched a whole TV programe that was a German murder mystery on SBS (on par with Famous Five I think), I had missed the bible study.

Anthony Rochester said... 6/01/2008 1:07 pm  

yeah i read it..

Fiona H said... 6/02/2008 12:52 pm  

me too..

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