Ministry Deactivation Mode

For the last couple of weeks it's felt like I'm running on cylinder de-activation mode... if that sentence bores you read on I'll explain...

Cylinder deactivation is a fuel saving technology which allows a large capacity engine (eg. a V8) to operate under low loads with only six, or four cylinders. Cars known to use this include the new Honda Accord V6 and some American big V8s. I've been feeling over the last couple of weeks like I'm running on about 3 cylinders and hense I've not really had the energy to write and blog.

I'm sure this is totally a really bad thing as ministry can be unsustainable if done at high intensity constantly. I think I particularly have this problem and need to learn how to even out more of life's peaks and falls. Coming out of this also I've realised I'm not good at talking to people about things when they aren't going well. When I don't post for a while it usually means things aren't going particularly well. I'm not writing this because I want sympathy or encouragement rather it feels good to express stuff and get it off my chest.