Musos who I respect

During MTS I’ve realised just how much I enjoy spending time with people. This is particularly so with some of the blokes I meet up with. This was especially the case the other night when I met up with Nick, Nathaniel and Alan to organize the Conservatorium Christian Group for the year.

Helping lead the Con Group during 2007 was a real learning experience for me. I joined the group as an outsider in only it’s second year of existence. Over the year I grew to know the people there and by the end of the year we finished as a good bunch of mates.

The other night as we discussed the history of the group and planned for 08 I was tremendously encouraged by their keenness to serve Christ but most of all by their openness to admit faults and bear with mine.

We planned out what will be an awesome year for the group. It’s great to have a bunch of guys who I know and trust will make this group God willing one of the best successes of 08. All three of you are truly Christians who I respect.



Alan said... 2/19/2008 10:14 pm  

Duder who I respect..
Cool :)

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