No Photos from mission

From Email

Just a note to ask that any Photo's of Kids etc from Holiday Bible Club not be used on FaceBook or MySpace or any other public web site. We don't have permission to have the kids Photo's loaded on such sites and are a little concerned about Privacy implications.
I myself actually didn't take a single photo the whole trip of the kids or the team. Somehow after nearly ten years doing this mission I don't really see the point. Once I get some of the team sent to me I'll post them.



Sherrin said... 1/26/2008 4:21 pm  

Hello Mike,

Thanks for sharing about your recent trip. The comments on your last post on it (with photos) and working for me.

I just linked to you as a blogger with integrity. This is an "award" that has been going around the Internet, and I saw it as a good way to pass on some encouragement! I hope you'll have a chance to pass on the award to some others.

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