Home sweet home...

It's strange I'm not really sure where home is anymore. Having just got back from our trip on the mainland Christine and I cruised off to Tasmanian Leadership Convention (TLC) for four days. I went to TLC last year and met some fantastic people. Having just got back I was feeling pretty tired going in. We had a couple of duders from Sydney speak to us. Con Campbell covered all of Ephesians and Kamal spoke on Deuteronomy.

(Kamal and Con discuss the finer points of preaching)

(Con Campbell - Greek ninja and saxophonist)

(Not sure what I'm doing here)

(The G-Train tells is like it is... that's Mr Train to you)

I ran a strand group looking at Ephesians 4:17-32. While it seemed to go well, I was as always racked with a lack of self belief. Sometimes it felt like I was making people more confused than actually helping. Having said that I really enjoyed being able to really hack into a particular Bible passage.

...anyway back to the topic of home... Christine and I will be moving out our home sometime before the end of the week up to Jane Franklin Hall. I've got a Resident Fellow position there (this is an addition to my MTS university work).

In other news I'm currently working on a new temporary website for FOCUS (see here), preparing information for the FOCUS Committee, and planning our new look Wednesday meeting, AND celebrating the 300th post on this blog (471 altogether). Busy times.



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