NTE Day 4

I getting more and more tired in these videos... sheesh I look wrecked.



Alan said... 12/06/2007 10:52 pm  

"Preach better more" so its not only in text you do it.. :-P
I really appreciated this video, with the consideration of worship/bible teaching and its possible infiltration of entertainment being included. (yes it's ok, my grammar is bad also)
I was having a convo with Nick Mollison about Mark Driscoll and his Reformission Rev book, and one of my MINOR may i stress MINOR points I made, was tat he was an funny yet honest to himself man..
Nick picked up on that, ad was slightly skeptical on account of the fact that he was funny (although I think i've got him to come around)

When you get a chance, what are your reflections on humour/entertainment factor, and where it is suitable in all areas of ministry (including worship, and preparing the gospel for those who don't know and love Jesus Christ)

God Bless brother.. Keep the energy up, eat heaps get more sleep! We're praying for you to be energised for the remainder and especially when you return!

mike said... 12/07/2007 9:11 am  

Hey Alan here are some brief ones. I don't think it's as black and white issue.

With NTE the aim is to have word centered meetings where the word of God is explained. Other things such as music, and humor must therefore serve that purpose (and not become and ends in its self).

I found that as the conference went on the music and humor became more "performance like" becoming an end itself. This goes against what NTE is aiming for.

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