Finally a day off

With National Training Event (NTE) and half of our mission out of the way I'm well due for a break. So here I am sitting blogging, catching up on the internet and listening to some bad emo music.

You may be wondering what this NTE thing is? Well NTE gathers students from all around Australia who attend Christian groups similar to FOCUS... sounds like it would be big? It was...


real big!

There were around 1100 students (there were 6 of us from Tassie plus Staff)

If you watched my videos at all you'll notice that (having never been before) I was pretty skeptical even cynical about NTE. By around the second day it had won me over. The sermons (talks) from Greg Lee and Peter Adam were really good. For a slightly cynical old man Peter Adam was very very funny. I found myself powerfully challenged by God's word.

Of course there was music, and while it wasn't my cup of tea, it was of a very high standard and lyrically I had no problem.

I also got to meet famous* people... Below is pocket rocket Richard Chin about to be dropped on the ground. I called him Uncle Richard... maybe he'll come to little ol' Tassie some time next year.

I also got to meet some of the hard working AEFS staff including Rebbeca (whose pictures I stole). I also really enjoyed leading one of the strands with a group of fellas. They all worked really hard and wrote sermons on Micah 5 and did me proud.

As usual I'm already looking forward to next year when we'll have more students up. I'm going to drag people by eyeballs if I have to**. I think NTE should be a compulsory one off for all students at FOCUS. But more about that another time.

I'll sign off with a word about Peter Adam (Principal of Ridely College) who not only did the sermons on "God's Word" but wrote a rap which he presented during one of his talks... complete with sunglasses. Craziness that shouldn't be missed.

*Perhaps only in my mind
**Naturally this is a joke



Stan and Clare said... 12/09/2007 3:54 pm  

Sounds like you had a great time at NTE. We have a mission team from Townsville and they loved NTE. Hope you are enjoying the Mission component as well. But yes - get some rest soon!

Donners said... 12/10/2007 12:43 pm  

I loved NTE! Great teaching in talks, training in groups and ( although at times we didn't do a lot on "mission" it was a good time to learn to work in a ministry team.

Peter Adam is lovely, isn't he? His smile warms me right down to my toes and the times I have heard Peter preach have all been great. He is a bright light for God's message in melbourne, thank God for his work.

bec said... 12/13/2007 4:05 pm  

Glad you're a sceptic converted, Mike! Good to see you at the writers' network time too.

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