It's a holiday...

if only this was me...

Just like the Hobart Christmas Pageant... lame but bigger.

this was my sweet ride...


I ate some of these...

This is my "what am I eating?" face

washed it down
Campos coffee is the nectar of the Gods.



BSJ-rom said... 11/28/2007 5:16 pm  

So good holidays then! Enjoy it mate.

Laura said... 11/29/2007 2:01 am  

Chicken feet? Well done you. When my friend Mark visited me in Hong Kong, he ordered chicken feet and ate one, bones and all, not realizing that you're just supposed to gnaw the skin off. When asked how they were he replied, "Good, but a little dry."

Anonymous said... 11/29/2007 9:14 am  

Where is your dear wifey?

Alan said... 11/29/2007 10:01 am  

hahaha laura.. that's classic.. and Jolly where is Christine?
You WISH you drove in a hummer..
Keep it real brau.

ckjolly said... 11/29/2007 10:44 pm  

mike ate me

Laura said... 11/30/2007 6:29 am  

THAAAAAT's where you've been...

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