Worldview Survey take 2.0

I've been busy writing some stuff up for webSalt. What is webSalt you ask? It is the lesser known online brother of SALT magazine. I blogged about SALT back here. The latest issue of webSalt can be downloaded here.

It's very well presented and worth a read.

My feeling is that it isn't downloaded or utilized anywhere near enough. What do you think. What's the best way to present content online? Do you download pdf files?



mark said... 10/09/2007 12:38 am  

you can dump the PDF into 2 images.. google will scan your blog & it'll be google-image available ;)

The designer in me would like to request a font-swap on the "worldview" font..

aus_chick said... 10/09/2007 12:53 am  

I would have it available in HTML format - probably set up as a blog with the ability to click to the next page. This way, Google will search every single word and it will be far more SEO friendly (search engine optimization). In addition, a downloadable PDF can be useful.

Laura said... 10/09/2007 5:37 am  

Just my initial reaction, if I came across that, I probably wouldn't download it. If it were right there online, different story.

I like the blog setup idea.

mike said... 10/09/2007 9:59 am  

Thanks for the ideas... the producers of webSalt will be reading. Any others want to vote?

kath said... 10/09/2007 1:28 pm  

i second the blog format. easier to check. i don't bother with anything that i can't subscribe to with live bookmarks :P

Anthony Rochester said... 10/10/2007 10:47 pm  

do kids like reading stuff where the font is changed for every letter?

Alan said... 10/11/2007 5:47 pm  

what kids? :P

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