supportMIKE news VI (Part 1)

Dear Brothers and Sisters

By the time you probably get this update the University semester will be over. It's been a busy one. FOCUS has been involved with the Jesus All about Life Campaign. This saw a great number of visitors attend evangelistic talks given by University Lecturers during the FOCUS meeting times. While this has been an interruption to our usual teaching and preaching schedule, the students have risen to the occasion and participated admirably.

I have also had the pleasure of speaking to the men and women of FOCUS. It was great to have an opportunity to teach and preach God's word, seeking to motivate them (particularly the blokes) in Christian leadership. This has resulted in a number of our blokes stepping up to the plate for greater responsibility, which is very encouraging and something to praise God for.

This semester I've been greatly encouraged by a number of the blokes I've been meeting up with. They are particularly keen to see changes and new things brought to the FOCUS agenda. They have infected me with their keenness and willingness to serve and get their hands mucky in Christian ministry, particularly at FOCUS.

FOCUS has also been undergoing what I'd describe as a review. Sam, Damon and I are currently working on a vision and strategy for FOCUS for the next few years. This will, God willing, give the students a feel for the future of FOCUS and where they fit into the bigger picture. This planning is particularly timely with the arrival of Luke Hansard next year to work with our international students in a full time capacity. Luke is a great bloke and personal friend and I'm looking forward to working with him next year.

We have a number of different ideas in the pipeline, many of which have been driven by the students. Some of these include a revamp for our website with a focus on delivering content, a new Bible study run by the students and further development of the Conservatorium Christian group. Please keep us, and the students in your prayers as we think about how to implement these new ideas.

Personally speaking, the transition to married life has been a particularly smooth and pleasant one. Christine is currently looking for work and had her temporary spouse visa approved last month. I'm currently in the process of applying for a job as a Resident Fellow at Jane Franklin Hall. This job has a great deal of potential to increase my student ministry and opens the possibility for more evangelism. Please keep us in your prayers as we think carefully about this.
The summer promises to be a busy time. Sam, Damon and I will travel to Canberra with a number of the students for the annual National Training Event (NTE). Following this we'll spend a number of days in Sydney running a mission. This promises to be an exciting and challenging time. Christine and I are also planning to head to Yamba and Maclean in northern New South Wales later in January 2008. I've been involved in mission to the aboriginal community there for about nine years.

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Michael said... 10/12/2007 11:28 pm  

Hey it's me :-)

Great job you're doing here Mike. God has blessed us greatly through your work.

Brendon Jessup said... 10/13/2007 12:58 pm  

Hey Mike,

When are you heading to Canberra? I am working in Canberra 3 days a week at the moment - would be nice to catch up if you're there.

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