The perfect way to ruin a nice walk

I went for a spot of this most gentlemanly of games yesterday afternoon. Participants were Nathaniel, Nick, Nick, Alex and of course my good self. Four of us played with one of the Nick 's as my personal caddy.

The beautiful Fargate* Golf Course...

This joker thought he could beat me...

This is Nick (or Screech) I don't know him well so I'll refrain from mocking

This was where I spent most of my time...

It got even funnier when Nick (or Frenchy) and I got swooped by plovers. Here you can see Nick fending them off with the golf umbrella. He was a great caddy.

Never the less you couldn't wipe the smile off my face**

Alex (or Ted) putts for glory... what it is with Jane Franklin Hall and nicknames?

Nice one!

So who do you think won...?

* Fargate also known as Margate
**Smile may be digitally enhanced



BSJ-rom said... 10/23/2007 1:19 pm  

Havin a few troubles on the second were we???

And finding water on the 18th?

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