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What's more Dutch than Oliebollen you ask? Well, the traditional Dutch fest, North verse South Footy match on Saturday. Now I know that not all the people playing were Dutch or even actually go to Reformed churches but hey "Dutch fest" sounded cool.

Christine and I managed to squeak along about halfway through to see a closish game till three quarter time before the southerners ran away with it in the final quarter. Final scores the South 13 6 84 to North 9 15 69.

Now see if you can spot the ball in the picture or anyone you know...



Michael said... 10/02/2007 10:21 pm  

South win! (for the 6th time in a row)

Speaking of 'Dutch fest' and Oliebollen, the Oliebollen festival is on at Calvin on the 13th.
Be there or be a dutch doughnut.

Bron said... 10/02/2007 11:31 pm  

The ball is directly in front of the groin of the player standing behind number 79. I'm guessing he's about to kick a goal!

Not really a challenge when you post a hi-res version of the photo! :)

mike said... 10/03/2007 10:42 am  

And some people then smarty pants?

Angus said... 10/03/2007 11:30 am  

I was expecting to see a Wierenga or two, but I can't make them out!

BSJ-rom said... 10/04/2007 5:52 pm  

Am I meant to post a team list? I'm number 70. Ant V is standing in the goal square by himself. Rick Straatsma is standing next to the Lonnie player, also in the goal square. I think the Sainter just ouside the square on the right is Tim Vaatstra. Aaron Johnstone is 20m out hunched forward. Justin vdV is standing on the mark. Scott van Tuil is standing next to Ryan Bosca 40m out directly in front...

tim w said... 10/04/2007 8:10 pm  

wierenga watch!

i believe at this stage of the game (3rd quarter?) both big dave and i were resting on the pine

i know what you're thinking: 'why aren't the big guns out there?'. unfortunately we have a 'rotation policy' and it was our time

and was it just coincidence that this was when we were most under pressure? i think not

you may also be able to spot jonno near the top of the far stand. he was up there taping the game, as he's recovering from injury

and that could be ian's blond hair in extreme foreground


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