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I was reading this morning and found that after some debate the Sydney Anglican Synod have refused to get behind the Jesus all about Life campaign. I've posted about this before.

This is interesting to say the least. From what I understand Jesus all about life involves churches coming together based on nicean unity* which is broad to say the least. This form of unity is based on the nicean creed. It's a good deal broader than the AFES doctrinal statement.

You might want to check out the list of church events for Jesus all about Life here. You'll notice that this includes Knowing God better in the Catholic Tradition and an Animal Service. Having said that the Jesus All about life website reckons that 80% or Tasmanian churches are backing the campaign.2

My question is in light of this should we stand behind the campaign?

*I'd appreciate some clarification here



CraigS said... 9/21/2007 11:05 am  

Hi Mike,

Synod didn't refuse to get behind JAAL - rather, they chose not to formally link it to Connect 09, which is our own mission strategy for 2009.

But a number of people spoke affirmingly about JAAL. Whether Synod will give any money to it or not, I don't know. Participation will be determined on a parish level, which is how these things work in the Anglican system.

Personally, I'm a bit concerned about the ecumenical aspects of the campaign.

mike said... 9/21/2007 11:29 am  

thanks for the clarification Craig :)

John Dekker said... 9/21/2007 11:14 pm  

I'm interested in the idea of Nicene unity - this was originally the basis of Christian Forums, for example, but there are some issues:

* Some, but not all adhere to Baptism for the remission of sins.
* Some, but not all, believe Christ will reign for a literal 1000 years ending before the final judgment.
* Some, but not all will not ascribe to creeds, yet their beliefs are in many cases summarized by the Nicene Creed, but out of deference to Sola Scriptura, they will not agree to any creed created by man.

There was a similar debate on the late, great Street7, from memory

BSJ-rom said... 9/21/2007 11:18 pm  

Ah, ecumenicalism... now there's a topic for a rant.

Having gotten a friend along to one of the events that was co-run by FOCUS, it's been a positive thing.

I wish people would remember that there are people involved - there are people that we're trying to save from perishing, and as a Christian, being able to use these things as a tool is simply marvelous.

Let's get behind it and make it the best that it can be.

As far as Catholic Traditions and Animal services, we're already having to explain to our non-christian friends that you don't subscribe to every twitch that comes from these campaigns, and that it's best to see what the Bible says on these subjects rather than just to go along with everything that's good, bad or ugly.

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