9 values for FOCUS

You might not know but AFES and therefore FOCUS actually have a set of goals and statements. Now before you switch off get bored and click on the next blog to read I want you to stop and think for a bit. This is what we should be on about at FOCUS this is what we should evaluate the effectiveness of ministries by. This is what I should be on about.

  1. The Primacy of the gospel in AFES ministry - AFES ministry is gospel driven and arises from our personal awareness of the grace of God in salvation.
  2. Passion for proclaiming the gospel - AFES is committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus because it brings honour to God.
  3. National and International gospel concern - AFES is committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to all university students across Australia and to people throughout the world.
  4. Systematic Bible teaching - AFES is committed to teaching the whole counsel of God as revealed in the Bible.
  5. Prayer - AFES recognises its dependence on the sovereign God and so is committed to prayer.
  6. Leadership - AFES is committed to identifying and training people who will provide leadership for the Christian community and for the world.
  7. Partnership in the cause of the gospel - AFES is committed to a partnership in Christ-like love between staff, students, graduates, churches and other supporters in living under Jesus and preaching his message.
  8. Local Sensitivity -AFES seeks to develop methods and strategies appropriate to the particular campus, location or demographic group in which they are carried out.
  9. Commitment to biblical unity - AFES is committed to the unity that comes through the gospel and on that basis we welcome all who are in Christ.
The next question to ask is are we achieving these goals...?



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